Lifelock’s new product

I’m sure you’ve heard that Lifelock can no longer offer their product (or actually the service behind the product) any more. That is, they can no longer set fraud alerts for their customers which has been their “product” since Day One.

That leads me to ask the very important question–what the heck is their new service actually going to be?

According to this article, here is a hint,

“After LifeLock lost a preliminary ruling that would eventually would have led to the company being barred from using the alerts, the company rolled out a new version of its service that uses computer algorithms and data mining to do Internet sweeps to spot signs of identity theft.”

Does anyone out there know which vendors or technology Lifelock chose for its product? I doubt they developed it entirely in-house?

It seems clear that anyone in our DM industry that is offering ID theft products better know what is behind Lifelock’s product–they are the biggest competitor and dominate the mainstream broad-based advertising of IDT services.

Please post a comment if you know (or email me).

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